Downtown New Sharon Continues to Change

Jesse Linder and Alan Lake continue to work on one of the mainstay buildings in downtown New Sharon. (RD Keep Photo)

The landscape around New Sharon continues to change and evolve as new businesses take root and the city makes changes to buildings and properties. The signs are not only changes in the building themselves, but the number of building permits issued by the city council at their regular meetings.

The largest project of them all is the changes to the corner building at the corner of Main Street and Market. Jesse Linder and Alan Lake have purchased the building and are making major changes to the building.

Lake and Linder have said at city council meetings that their hope is to have businesses in the lower part of the building and apartments in the upper level. New windows, a new paint job, modernization of the utilities and better use of the space are the expected outcome.

“We hope to have the apartments ready by June,” said Lake at a recent council meeting. “We are still looking at different businesses that might fit the space.”

Linder and Lake have said they are designing the business spaces to allow some freedom for a prospective owner to be able to design the inside to their specific needs.

New Sharon City Councilors are trying to figure out the best way to handle the building at 105 South Main. The city has ownership of the building, but contractors have looked and determined that the building is probably beyond repair without a large influx of money. The next question then is if the building is demolished what to do with the space.

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