Eddy Council Frustrated With Dilapidated Property

Mary Ann Ransford is frustrated, but so are members of the Eddyville City Council. The ire comes from properties not meeting minimum building codes or are abandoned and the fact that the owners will not clean them up or make any attempt to do so. Councilors took another step to put more teeth into city ordinances with the approval of Ordinance Chapter 73.6.

Ransford spoke bluntly to councilors about concern over the property at 307 Front Street, across the street from her home.

“The yard has not been cleaned up and two people claim to own the property,” said Ransford. “They are staying there from time to time.”

The property is owned by Dale Cosgrove according to the Wapello County Assessor’s web site. Due to the lack of working utilities, the building was placard for not meeting the city’s minimum requirements. “It’s a public health hazard,” said mayor Doug Greenlee.

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