NM Jazz Reigns as Champs - Again

No one speaks the word dynasty around North Mahaska, but the thought may be in the backs of many minds. North Mahaska Jazz secured its eighth state title at the Iowa Jazz Championships in Ames April 2.

North Mahaska Jazz Band (NM Jazz) under the direction of Bruce Peiffer won Class 1A over Earlham. The two jazz bands were selected over a field of 15 in the class to compete for the state title. The finals were held at Stephens Auditorium on the Iowa State campus.

North Mahaska has qualified for the championships every year since 1992. With 150 schools in Class 1A the competition is stiff to make the top 15. Earlham was the third lace team in Class 2A in 2018.

North Mahaska has placed first or second every year since 2010 (third). NM Jazz has secured the top spot in eight of the past 11 years. The band consists of players grades 7-12 who practice diligently every morning at 7 a.m.

“I’m so proud of seventh, eighth, and nine-12th graders who come together each year to not only make music, but become a family,” said Peiffer via the NM Jazz Facebook page. “The same students who in November tell me they, in no way, are interested in soloing for contests and six weeks later are stepping up to the mic and knocking down solos that generate soloist awards at contest.”

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