Warhawks Remain in 11-Man Format

Braden Lamb (60) and Gage Van Gorp (66) battle with Dylan Fry of Belle Plaine during their game Friday. (File photo)

Decisions involving what is best for students are never easy. Add passion to the mix and that decision brings out a lot of angst.

That was prevalent Monday night when the North Mahaska School Board met to discuss a possible move to 8-man football. Following 40 minutes of discussion board members voted 3-2 to remain in 11-man football for the next two years.

“There are a lot life lessons learned from playing football,” said Margaret Ratcliff, who voted against the move. “When they have worked through adversity as a team that is the kind of person I am looking to hire.”

Board members along with superintendent Angela Livezey looked at five objectives to guide the decision. 1. Provide a positive school experience for young people; 2. Provide a safe environment; 3. Simulation of game situations in practice; 4. Maintain Warhawk Pride inside and outside the school; and 5. Students are at the center of the decision. The third objective was agreed the lowest priority before discussion began.

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